Design Swoon ~ WKRM.KR

I've been researching some Korean design studios
for a while now, and become a big fan to a number of them.
One that I want to introduce is wkrm

 "Located in Seoul, Korea, Workroom Press is a   
   publishing house and a graphic design studio.   
   It was launched in December 2006, and is deeply   
   interested in contemporary visual culture, typography,   
   and the humanities. Mainly based on design, it examines   
   different areas of culture and has a real passion for   
   literature as well. In addition, Workroom Press helps   
   run Gagarin, secondhand bookstore that was opened   
   in 2008 with a group of other partners."   

Ugh, this short paragraph is just FULL of buzzwords that
make me so happy! It's something I dream of doing myself.
Although quite disparate and unorganized, I want to share
some of wkrm's beautiful works. Please fully explore.

    워크룸 프레스는 서울 종로구 창성동에 위치한    
    출판사 겸 그래픽 디자인 스튜디오다.    
    2006년 12월 문을 열었으며 동시대 시각문화와    
    타이포그래피, 인문학에 관심을 둔다.    
    디자인을 기반으로 다른 영역을 기웃거리며    
    문학을 동경한다. 2008년 문을 연 헌책방    
    ‘가가린’의 공동 운영자이기도 하다.    

미술사를 공부하신 워크룸 설립자 김형진 디자이너가 참여한
선배 디자이너 + 후배 디자이너 기사를 월간디자인에서 읽을 수 있습니다.

아참! 전 이제 한국에 안전히 도착했습니다.
아침부터 저녁까지 샌프란시스코 아시아나 항공기 사고로 뉴스가 뜨거운데
몇일 전 샌프란시스코에서 한국으로 날아온 저에게 남같지 않은 소식이네요.
유가족과 부상을 입은 모두에게 유감을 전하며 빠른 회복이 있기를 기원합니다.


I'M OUT by CiCi & NiCKi

The music video of I'm Out by Ciara feat. Nicki Minaj is kind of a great thing? Here are some I wanted to show & tell... #screencapturetillidie #dissectingpopculturelikeitsnothing #itisnothing

Trapped in this minimalistic window capsule, the two busta-esque fish-eye lens provocateurs dressed in all-white, mesh-inserted, perforated ninja / space suits flaunt their deep side parts, smokey eyes, and unbelievable skill that fuses and thus transcending ballet and twerk. Grand-plié, rachetsssss.

Can you get any more vogue and bazaar than this. Cyan PVC snakeskin printed two piece with a matching cap. STATUS REALNESS. Reminds me of the 90s, where head-to-toe matching gears were so in style. Those were the days, man!

DaHLLeR $iGns errywhEre !!! ACNE-inspired 100% artisan silk tracksuit with a simple white bandeau bra and 14K gold black-letter oversized collar bib neckpiece (??????) is a sick outfit. WERK it CICI. You are my CRUMP queen. My eyes also go to the diva on the right in a fuschia 100% polyester kimono from Chinatown with japanese characters scattered on it. They probably don't make any sense. Who cares doe?! KAWAIII whateva sista~~~

Another runway moment of CiCi. She be bringin' back the glorious days of ~Moschino~ That weird cap + sunhat hybrid... must own.............!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE AND WHEN CAN I GET MY HANDS ON IT?

Aaaaaand of course, you cannot go without a waterfall scene that accentuates sultry, sultry eyes of CiCi's...

CiCi's gon eat u UP!!!! xoxo yeah girl u keep it thuggin~! I'm so jealous of ur man muscle!!!


Photography by Kanghee

Kanghee Kim is a painter-turned-photographer who is a rising senior at Maryland Institute College of Art. There is something so refreshing and peculiar about her eye and focus. When we are on our way together, she sometimes stops and points her camera at something that I had totally glanced over without any significant thought. Things so banal such as a ray of sun through a street fence or a trashed cup on a bus stop takes a new turn through her natural, conscious, and playful sensibility. Follow her everyday - literally - on her instagram, tinycactus. She is hand-picked by Jeff Hamada of Booooooom! as Best of Instagram! Congrats!!!

Her large-format black and white body of work called Chloroplast is as curious as the word itself. I'm personally honored to be one of the models.


Body + Type

Obviously its evident that my affection for the merging of human body and type (or text) goes pretty deep. ...Ya KN0? I am perpetually looking for "cool clothes with cool type on them" on the internet and in real lyfe, and I would like to hereby share a few with charming wit that I particularly like and would wear, and categorize them by its characteristics and why they work for me.

HELLA-WITTY | Above is a T-shirt from American Apparel which gained its fame after Leandra Medine of ManRepeller's clever outfit. I think it made her presence ever more solid on the blogsphere, because by "sitting beneath" the statement, she acknowledged both sides of YES she might be another blogger, but actually NO 'cuz she is fucking manrepeller!

QUIET-STORM | Another blogger whom I can only describe as shear amazement showcases her only(!) graphic t-shirt. The reserved type treatment and the abstract image creates such a sublime mood. She is such a huge inspiration and influence on my recent tendencies in style and lifestyle.
GANGSTA-CHIC | The whole "high-fashion-brands-wordplay" is at peak (or even dwindling away) nowadays. I especially love the Junya Mafia beanie from Hellz Bellz. The Graphic T-shirt with gigantic letters is from 10Deep, which spells out "D-E-E-P" on the front, back, and the sleeves.

PURE-ART | Low Classic is a South Korean brand that is getting lots and lots of attention, and rightfully so. Its 2013 S/S Collection literally made me cry. The experimental play on type and beautiful expressions of sentimentality (i.e. stamp pattern) received praises from big voices such as Susie Bubble from Style Bubble and retail genius Opening Ceremony.

CHEESY-NINETIES | Moschino always somehow manages to hit the nail on the head. I want to be a "90s diva" with head-to-toe vintage Moschino one day. I mean, it's terrible, but it's soooo gooooood. It's a mystery that there are so many good crazy shirts and sweats with the weirdest phrases on them, too. Just go on etsy.

SNEAKY-BABE | Just a few more stops on the etsy train back to the 50s, and you'll run into something like this.